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What is EyeDetect®?

EyeDetect is the next-generation lie detector that measures slight changes in eye behaviors to detect lies. Get 86-88% accuracy with 30-minute screening tests or 15-minute diagnostic (single-issue) tests.

World renowned scientists at the University of Utah developed the technology in 2003 and through extensive research, they have made improvements ever since.

Tests are available in many languages.

What does EyeDetect do?

The award-winning EyeDetect technology accurately tests job applicants, employees, patients, parolees, drug users, athletes, criminal suspects and others about specific issues or crimes in just 15 to 30 minutes.

EyeDetect can be used for screening tests on general topics. It can also be used to for diagnostic (single issue) tests in criminal or civil cases. It’s a true lie detection industry game changer.

Why does it matter?

When you need to find the truth, get a second opinion with EyeDetect and do a better job protecting against corruption and crime. Ask for the best lie detector test.

The eyes don’t lie®

EyeDetect® Blue Logo
Blue eye with measurements and numbers. Eyelashes. Close up.

What happens when you lie?

Your brain has to work harder when you lie. The greater the consequences of the lie, the greater the work load (cognitive load).


This affects the eyes, whether you know it or not.


EyeDetect measures changes in pupil diameter, eye movement, blinks, fixations and other things.

EyeDetect laptop with close up image of blue eye

What happens during a test?

  • During a test, participants answer True/False questions on a computer. A high speed camera records eye behaviors and movements.

  • After the test, the examinee’s test responses and corresponding eye behavior are analyzed by algorithm and stored on a secure cloud server.

  • A detailed report is created with a Credibility Score, which indicates the probability that the individual was truthful or deceptive. Only authorized personnel can access the report.

Crime Scene Investigation

How they find the truth

  • Investigations

  • Law enforcement

  • Corporate

  • Government

  • Financial Services

  • Private Security

  • Corrections and treatment

  • Examiners

  • Transportation

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