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Blue eye close up with measurements. Lie Detection. Reinvented.

Our expertise, your peace of mind.
Quickly Find the Truth. Trust the Most Advanced Lie Detector.

Lie Detection Australia

Professional and confidential lie detection testing across Australia and New Zealand. Qualified expert examiner with over twenty-eight years’ experience in investigations. Testing for all issues including false allegations, fidelity / cheating, drug use, sex addiction, allegations of sexual abuse and pre-employment tests.

EyeDetect Features & Benefits

EyeDetect® is the next-generation lie detector that measures slight changes in eye behaviours to detect lies. Get 86-88% accuracy with 30-minute screening tests or 15-minute diagnostic (single-issue) tests.

Financial Report
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Highly Accurate

Scientific studies show that EyeDetect has an accuracy range of 86 to 88%, depending on the type of test administered.

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We have a set package so you know exactly what your test will cost.  A cheap test may save you a few dollars but what if it’s wrong? A cheap price doesn't guarantee accuracy, qualifications, experience or value. Don’t risk a false positive or false negative result.

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Fast Results

Tests take 15 to 30 minutes and results are ready in less than 5. Test reports show a credibility score and the participants’ responses to test questions.


Incorruptible & Unbiased

Participants take an automated, computerised test. The test administrator cannot change test results. Test data is encrypted and tamper-proof.

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No sensors are attached to the participant, who answers True/False questions on a computer.

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Bank-Level Security

EyeDetect uses security features that banks use. Test data are encrypted and stored using military grade mode encryption.

“Nick was very professional and compassionate dealing with a sensitive issue.”

Brisbane, January 2023


The Next Step in the Evolution of Lie Detection

EyeDetect® technology detects deception by measuring involuntary eye behaviour and is a fast, accurate, affordable, noncontact, scalable, and fully automated option to polygraph. Customers worldwide use the EyeDetect product line for screening and investigations to help protect countries, corporations and communities from corruption, crime and threats. Converus® provides scientifically validated credibility assessment technologies and is headquartered in Lehi, Utah, USA.


Over twenty-six years’ experience 


Our Converus® qualified EyeDetect® examiner has over twenty-six years’ experience in Policing and Law enforcement and experience in international security, major events, critical incident management, complex Investigations, humanitarian assistance, Indigenous advocacy, emergency management and strategic, risk and operational planning. 


  • False allegations

  • Fidelity / cheating 

  • Drug use​

  • Sex addiction

  • Allegations of sexual abuse

  • Pre-employment tests

  • Ongoing evaluations

  • Sex offender tests

  • ​Stealing

  • ​Serious crimes

  • Bribes​

  • ​Dispute resolution

  • Drug trafficking

  • Ties to criminal groups

  • Confidential information

  • Terrorism

  • Documentation fraud

  • Cyber crimes

  • Unauthorised transactions

  • Identity theft

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